Feels like it was past midnight and it’s only 20:37 at night, the transition from summer to autumn in London always feels so fast 💨

Anna, my partner, made this lovely blueberry pancakes for my birthday they were absolutely delicious 😋

Having a lovely lunch on our day off back at home in London 🏡. It’s had to tell if we’re looking at the canal or some grass, but it is indeed water!

Mozzarella with peaches, red and green tomatoes and some basil on top.Crispy lamb with pine nuts and caramelised in a bed of yogurt.

Our North Norfolk is trip getting to an end. We had a lovely time up here and can’t wait to come back! Maybe next month?

Sea front at Sheringham, bright day with lots of sun and clear blue water.

Having a peak in the garden admiring the lovely colour of the sky and the nice smell of barbecue in the background, so many of these smells reminds me of home.

Blue and purple sky looking at the green garden with rose and red roses.

Beautiful long weekend in Blackeney, Norfolk so glad we made it up here. From now on, Kent and North Norfolk are at the top of weekend sea side trip list 🌊

Tide is low and you can see the fields with the boats parked waiting to be taken away and sailed.

We had a lovely trip in the sea this morning ⛵️ watching the lovely seals in Morston, North Norfolk. It was incredible and mega relaxing. Totally recommended 🙌

My hand at the front of the boat as it sails away.Seals laying around in the ground having a lovely time.In the middle of the ocean looking at the far away sailing boats.Anna looking with the binoculars.Me holding the binoculars next to my trousers.

On our way to Norfolk 🎉, off to a long weekend in Norwich, Blackeney, Morston, Salthouse and wherever else we get time to see! The weather looks great for this bank holiday 🌞

I feel like I needed to share this beautiful illustration from Bao. Even the hand wipes are carefully designed. If you’re in London and you fancy Taiwanese food, this is the place to go.

Illustration of the hand wipes with a hand holding a bun.

So much happened in the past few weeks, it was Anna’s birthday 🎂 we had some sad news about our little Skippy 🐈 and finally booked our travel to Vietnam 🇻🇳, for sure so far it’s been an intense month.

I’ve read today this pretty interesting paper about airlines environmental sustainability, if you fancy knowing where it ranks a common airline that you might travel with it’s worth checking it out.