I don’t think I’ve seen such a relaxing video of a sandwich making like this one. I’ve found this video randomly on someone’s personal site and just made me think about the internet being this weird beautiful random place.

Just thinking about the lovely coffee that I had last weekend in one my local coffee shops and how horrible the instant coffee from my client’s office is, takes me days to get rid of the smell off my Keepcup!

Today we’ve picked massive courgettes, broad beans and peas, lettuce, spinach, radicchio and lovely raspberries. Looking forward for the tomatoes to be ready.

Another month, another visit to Monty’s Deli, for sure if you want to have brunch in London there’s no better place.

Picking tasty blackcurrants in the allotment, hoping to make them into nice compote to have with yogurts in the morning. Any other ideas?

It’s mega tasty! So citrusy and light just what you need for an afternoon after work. Some people drink coffee to wake up or to get them going through the day but I actually quite like in the afternoon or early evening. I feel that it’s the best time to properly appreciate it.

Got some coffee today from Percol, this one is already ground for the moments that I’m lazy to use my hand grinder. So far smells very citrusy and the packaging is plastic free which is not common on just off the supermarket shelf coffee ☕️ Anyone had it before?

I love travelling by train and just seeing the green scenery going pass by the window, there’s something relaxing and beautiful about it.

Throwback to a nice trot that I did last night while staying in Den Bosch. It was a very nice and warm evening.

What an album! Totally recommended to listen to it if you want to have a slow Sunday :) If you have a chance, listen to Daylight Matters or Home to you on Bandcamp.